This is a NEW WORD  ("Neologism")   that  describes a person or company experienced in restoration-detailing of boats, cars and/or other uses of  ISLAND GIRL® Products.  Authorized Dealaitors™ may also act as commisioned advisors ("influencers") to potential or existing customers.

A Dealaitor™ can also be a product demonstrator and a referral or reselling "Dealer" for the products.

Dealaitors™  act as "evangalists" for ISLAND GIRL® products, in that vouching for or demonstrating the products will provide enhanced knowledge and reputation for the products. This should increase sales to DIY enthusiasts who then see for themselves the amazing results and may also choose to become Dealaitors™.

The eventual aim is exponential growth of a loyal human source of product awareness and sales distribution based upon enthusiasm and uniqueness because  "seeing is believing".

La Mariana Sailing Club at dusk, Oahu, Hawaii

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